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The most recent data on the cost to get into a bachelor’s degree is from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) where the cost of a bachelor’s degree in 2011 was $11,842. This is about two-thirds the cost of an associate’s degree.

Income can vary based on family circumstances, the program being completed, and any special circumstances. For example, a family making less does not necessarily have to pay more if their child goes to college at the same time. Likewise, those who come from middle-of-the-road working families do not necessarily have to pay an extra fee if they do go to college during their career because they are able to pay for it.

For students and their families, there is no one answer to how much it will cost. Your student loan provider and the educational institution can help, with student loan repayment calculators on their websites, and you can see the repayment schedule online if you so desire.

If you are wondering how much your parents paid for the education and the amount of money to pay to pay off your student loans, you can use our Student Loan Calculator to see how much each individual loan is based on financial need.

To see how much it will cost to apply for a job after graduation or how much it will cost to get a job after graduation, call 1-877-528-6663 or submit the form on our Contact Us page.

A couple of days ago my co-bloggers, Iain Banks and Robert Hughes, published a piece about the rise and fall of the “Nones” in Britain which highlighted some interesting (if frustrating) numbers. For example:

In 2010, there were 17,000 of them in the UK

In 2013, that figure had fallen to 7,000

In 2016, that figure had fallen once again to 4,000

That’s the equivalent of around 5.5% of our young population.

The reasons are complex, but here are a few.

One, because a few of the people who grew up with no religious affiliation are now taking on a role in society that once belonged to evangelical Christians. People like David Cameron, who are at the “big tent” end of mainstream politics.

Two, because of the effect of religious faith on society. The “Nones”, at least in the UK, tend to be more likely to be left-wing, libertarian or socially liberal than other population groups

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