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I’m pretty comfortable with drawing, but I haven’t been practicing much.

You don’t just draw, but draw with light, dark, and shape?

I draw for two reasons — to capture the colors or to be in tune with the atmosphere. Sometimes I try drawing with shapes to bring a dynamic to the story or to show the reader something from a character that I’d otherwise have had to guess. I also use elements that don’t change that much from drawing to create a consistent and dynamic look. For example, I tend to draw characters in the morning and characters in the evening to make that nightlight come across different colors and sizes than the sun does.

I’m still learning the best way to use colors and form, but I know that color isn’t the only thing to be used.

I can’t say whether it is the right thing to do, because you can’t judge a book by its cover. But maybe there’s some people who have very big books, and I guess it may be more important for a young reader to see the cover first and then feel the pages, rather than learning the words or the pictures by yourself.

As an adult, I think that I should have been able to understand what kind of reader I am, but sometimes I feel that I can’t find it in me.

Are you happy your pictures are a part of your life?

No, I’m not. I suppose my work has become a symbol of myself, for me and for them. My hope is that someday I will make images to help create more peace and understanding in the world.

The Canadian Press

BRAMPTON, Ont. — A former school teacher charged with trying to buy a 13-year-old girl for sex wants to clear his name on Thursday.

A release from the Ontario Crown alleges Gary Paul Ross has been hiding behind the alias “Jason” — a common pseudonym he used when he tried to buy the young girl during visits to the Toronto Police Service’s “Tackling Child Exploitation in the City of Toronto” workshop.

The teen told police Ross threatened to sexually abuse her multiple times while in his company at Tim Hortons restaurant in Brampton.

During the workshop, Ross allegedly told the girl that he was not gay, but had been dating a 15-year-old boy he knew and that he would be leaving her when she turned 13.

The teen told police he believed Ross was

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