Can you be a self taught artist? – Online Summer Art Classes For High School Students

The only way I can be a self taught artist is by making everything with my hands.

I’m sorry it took me so long to get over this fear. I’m sorry you all are having these thoughts.

I think the reason is most people find out what the hell I do before they decide to take the plunge… so in my head I guess I’m making a lot of noise so it looks like I’m doing something good, even though I’m doing nothing. I love doing this because there are so many other artists out there, but not so many that you really get to talk to them. I feel it’s important I talk to other artists because the one thing for sure.

Do you enjoy playing shows like this as much as you enjoy your art?

I do enjoy playing shows but for me, I don’t have as much time to play every year; especially with so much stuff happening around me now. I really love going around and doing things, but it’s been kind of hard for me to think of anything to play. I’m just playing with a lot of old friends. I just really love playing but I don’t have a lot of time to do that.

Any plans to tour this summer?

I can imagine we’ll play a big tour, not like a festival or anything. We’ll have to do some festival-style shows first. We might do that and some more solo stuff. We’re going to be touring like we have never toured before this summer.
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I can only imagine you have a lot of fans in the Philippines. Is there anyone you are especially thankful for as a person who has helped you get along in the region?

That’s definitely the biggest, and it feels great because I got a lot of amazing people that I love and it’s been really difficult. I love the Philippines, and it’s really nice to have people that I don’t know that have been able to help me out.

How does your work influence your relationship with your kids?

My husband and I would talk about that a lot too. I feel like every single thing we were doing at the time really had an influence. I mean I’m really grateful for all the different artists and everything I have been fortunate enough to get my name out there, but there are a lot of people who have been amazing to me. When I was getting older, one of the things I really wanted to do was to have that conversation with everybody

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