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If a particular course is a part of your school library collection, that may be fine, but many other courses can be taught online. Find a teacher who fits your needs and who offers more than one course online to your students.

Can you take up to half a summer vacation per year?

Yes; most states allow for up to 25 days on the job.

Can I take a summer school in China?

There is a wide variety of courses available in China and many offer foreign teachers an opportunity to work with adults of any age and nationality. Some, such as English at School, Chinese at School, and Elementary and Middle School English in China, are funded by Chinese-language television stations.

The latest installment of the Pokémon series has just announced a new character for the Nintendo DSi Virtual Console. The name of the character is Ash Ketchum, and you can see his design below.

You cannot tell what sort of pokemon Ash Ketchum is or what his powers are from his character in games like Super Mario Bros. All we know for sure is that after battling and defeating a boss, he’ll drop a pokemon, and then he might have to battle another boss. There will also be a special move that he can use if he’s victorious.

You can get the new character in New Leaf by visiting PokéStops and participating in events and tournaments. You have to be a member in order to compete, however.

Source: Nintendo

On the face of things, the news that New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is retiring is hardly an ominous turn in the franchise’s life. But in terms of who will replace him, it just might be.

New Orleans has already confirmed that veteran backup Brett Hundley will start Sunday’s playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks, an addition that will make the team a little more comfortable going into the postseason. In addition, tight end Jimmy Graham and nose tackle Zach Strief have agreed to return for a fourth year of service in 2015 — a deal that should put the team in a good position to overcome the loss of Brees.

Hundley, 28, appeared in just three NFL games in 2012 and 2013, recording zero points, but he was a reliable player. He’s spent the last four years with the Miami Dolphins and is coming off a strong season in San Diego. In New Orleans, he would become the third quarterback he’s replaced under Sean Payton’s regime: Joe Vitt and Scott Tolzien

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