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You may have noticed that some brushes are sold with a specific manufacturer’s recommended pre-painting. We have a new paint line that is much more transparent and easy to work with – but these brushes are not currently available at any Luthier’s shop.

We are still working on the perfect paint system and we hope that you will be able to receive them soon! In the meantime, you can order your brushes here:

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It was a tough week for Donald Trump.

It started with his recent news conference where he talked about how he wants to bring back torture and how he’ll be “unpredictable” and have a “tough” negotiating style with foreign countries if President Obama doesn’t change his policy. There was also the comments he made about the mass shooting at a nightclub in Orlando.

Those things were bad enough, but Monday’s story was worse. Donald Trump’s presidential campaign took a giant hit as its leader was forced to pull his “alternative facts” TV ads from television stations that carried them.

CNN called the move an effort to “push back on CNN’s coverage of the Trump administration” and said that “we’re going to take the Trump campaign to task again” and make the show more factual with a more “nuanced conversation with the candidates at the Trump campaign.”

If it has any effect whatsoever, you would think you would see that ad being taken more seriously by other news outlets if only CNN was as good and objective as CNN seems to think it is.

It’s a bit late to worry about CNN’s biased coverage of Donald Trump — he’s already winning the media war with every speech he gives — but it’s also a bit late to let a story with so many holes in it fade without taking it seriously.

If the Trump campaign can take any shots at CNN and it doesn’t work, that is evidence that they have no respect for facts, truth and fact-checking.

They can’t have it both ways.

CNN may not be the media of choice for Trump’s supporters, but that’s because they don’t have much faith in the truth. They don’t trust CNN to take the position he puts forward, not even after he says that a reporter asked him a “bad question.” Their feelings are hurt by the fact that their candidate makes such outlandish assertions, but they

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