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It only comes in the tube, so the whole brush is the same. Also you spray it right after washing the brush with warm soapy water.

What paint are you using on it? It might look old, or the coat it comes with might be so dirty they are not using the proper colours of acrylic paint?

You have been doing paint by brush since the first one of the 80’s, I do not know why the paint is not coming at you now.

I can’t believe you use those old brushes. In the 80’s they had a real brush that you had to use, and it is made with special resin and is much slower and much more expensive then the modern ones.

We are looking at it right now with the old fashioned brush.

I am still using these old brushes, but we also got a new one in the past few weeks.

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Why are we talking about brushes? Are the old ones the real deal because people have been doing them for so long?

Well they are and we all know, but the reason people are still using the old ones is because they actually worked quite well back then.

If you have ever tried to get any part of acrylic paint that dries very quickly for example, such as paint that doesn’t stick well to your paint roller, you know that some acrylic paints in the 80-late 80’s (I mean around the year 1980, but also the early 90’s), are pretty slow to dry. They don’t dry to that speed that the modern ones do. The result is that the paint looks unevenly spread and can sometimes look black or greasy. If acrylic paint is so slow to dry, why are people still buying old brushes? Do you have a clue?

The reason the newer ones are so slow is because there is no longer enough stuff made to make those new polymers used in today’s paints, so the old ones have to make more new stuff.

I’m curious, why do people still buy old brushes and still using them in their work?

Because they still work well. They are still very useful tools to use in painting. When you get to the point of finishing an object, then you can then paint over them. They are more versatile then modern acrylic paints, they dry faster, and they hold up better to all sorts of abrasion and dirt that can be found in painting.

I’m just as curious. Is it that easy

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