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A few weeks ago, I received some new brushes. These were all the same size and shape but with slightly different names. When I first began painting last year, my brushes were different too. When I first started, I used an old paint palette. That was a good start, but soon my brush collection was overwhelming. I finally got started on a paint program (Bite Paint) that’s more streamlined. I’ve now moved to a program that’s a little bit more difficult to get started. First there’s to be a big enough box to fit the paint inside. To save space and money they didn’t sell a large box like I used to have, but instead made it into smaller boxes that are a half circle in size and have the colors of the main palette inside each one. I still use the small paint boxes, but I’ve come to rely less on my brushes, so I could be saving as much money if I went straight to a paint program. I still need a palette if I’m going to paint a whole page, and the larger ones won’t fit in my little box. But my brushes are in great shape and I really like them. I feel like I should take a trip down to the paint section and pick them out. I’m also starting a new hobby to have fun again. I’m thinking of starting a painting club or something of that nature. I’ve found my favorite color lately. It’s a dark brown that has a lot of character and a bit of something else. It is a new and exciting hobby for me. To begin, I had to write down some notes, so I’ll do them here first. First off, there’s to be something on each of the lines of the painting. The more lines, and the bigger the box the better it is. Second, there’s to be more than one color, but also one gradient, if you can. I’ve been trying to combine my various colors in the different box. As a matter of fact, I tried combining two different colors and getting it to look as if it was going through a rainbow. I love mixing, but it was very hard. I had to start over and make sure I was doing two distinct things, which I was able to do quite well. On the bottom left of the box you have a small, white circle next to an “x.” The middle circle will have three different colors on it. For now I’m thinking pink, purple and a dark brownish/black. On top, you have
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