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Here goes a little bit outside of the box on how to paint in our new book, but if this is your first experience painting a model, you can start with the basic steps below to get you up to speed.

Buy yourself a small box of paints (the size of a business card) and a couple of paints that you’re good at mixing. (You don’t have to buy just one of them.) You can buy them all, but when you find a good one, you’ll know you can do it. (And remember, it will cost you more to buy one good paint versus a couple of good ones.) For the most basic models we recommend:

Able to handle drybrushing for very young children.

Learn how to mix two types of acrylics: acrylic-based paints that are opaque when dry and transparent when wet.

Learn the process of building up a base before you ever try to paint it. We recommend building up a base with base-of-the-line paints and then painting one color of that base-of-the-line paint over, then another, until you can create anything in the base that you’d like.
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Begin your painting with the largest brush you’ve got. The most effective brush size is a Medium-Wash-able acrylic brush, which can take several coats. That is, start with one coat of one color of base-of-the-line paint, but you would only need to do this if you want to build up a larger “base” or larger, more complex image in the base.

Able to brush well. This goes hand-in-hand with the previous point, but you also need to be able to “bend” brushes to create a thin, even coat of paint. For the most basic, first-model paints, this can mean painting the areas just before the paint is used; then, after it’s been used for a little longer, painting the parts of the model that you painted before.

Learn how to drybrush. Learn to use your brush to create small strokes and not a big line; this is a skill that’s easier in the beginning as you’ll be more comfortable with the techniques (more on that in a minute).

How do you paint your models?

As you already know, most hobbyists learn painting in a hobby kit—that is, a kit containing a specific painting method and a few paint colors. If you already

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