How do I become amazing at drawing? – Art Lessons Youtube

If you want to become an artist, get over your fear of drawing. A good teacher and mentor will help you.

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How can I practice drawing?

Start simple and get good at it.

What should I write about when I talk about technique?

The more you practice drawing, the more you can tell what makes it difficult.

How can I learn to draw in a new way?

Learn how to draw by watching people like Bill W.

How can I get around drawing a large, crowded room or drawing in a very dark area?

I know I’ve seen that you can’t just draw in one place all the time. Try to find a place somewhere that doesn’t draw on the ceiling too often, so that when you do draw there, it’s less noticeable in the dark.

What kind of pictures should I draw?

The key to good drawing is to draw the human figures you love to draw.

What should I draw?

It always takes practice to get good at drawing.

Who are some great artists?

Eugenia Dukas/AFP/Getty Images

In what ways do you think artists succeed?

I’ve always been fascinated by the artist who comes up with something new and different in their work, then is amazed by how well their original creation is accepted. The person who is most successful on that front is often the artist whose work is most immediately recognizable and appreciated.

What are some of the lessons you’ve learned making films?

My first work on film was a simple, simple scene showing two kids playing in a field by themselves. That one scene was good, and I worked quickly on a scene where one kid was the protagonist and the other was the main character. Then, after I was satisfied with the main character, I added a side character who would be a friend of the main character. Then, I changed the story of the first movie so that it had to be completed before I returned to the protagonist’s story and completed them. Because it was the first time I’d done a movie — on a small screen — I was afraid of changing something that made the movie work and I had to be very careful of whether it really worked or didn’t work in the process where I’d done it again and again.

What are some of the best things you’ve learned from watching other artists?

When you watch an artist’s work you learn

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