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One time when I had the chance to draw something for the first time it almost looked like crap, but it’s not bad. But when you draw something for too long, all your talent dies. When you spend too much time on one thing, you get the idea of it, and then you just do whatever it is you are trying not to draw. Draw something for five minutes, it looks perfect, and then when you do a second one for five minutes, it’s not. You just make a bad one. It’s hard to be great at stuff that you don’t have to be great at. I think I have been very lucky and that’s definitely true when a picture is on a magazine, but even with a photograph I would try to make some kind of a difference with it. My brother has just told me once that whenever you work on a commission, you try to work on three things at the same time, and I would try and work on three things with each picture. That’s how you create something good. I learned that when you work with something in a picture, it’s so much easier and faster to make it better on paper. You can just go and paint it, and then you paint it again. The same with the drawing, in some cases you can paint or sculpt it if you are good at sketching, and then you can draw it again. It’s like using a brush to create a picture. You get a lot more out of each thing, and you’ll actually end up getting closer to your ideal image. A lot of my ideas are pretty abstract, and in a way those are the hardest for me because they’re just not visual at all – they don’t make sense aesthetically.

What do I draw?

I think I draw a lot in school, my parents have always encouraged me to be a very good draftsman. Because you can’t be a good draftsman if you cannot imagine yourself in front of an artist with the same skill. For instance, when I was drawing animals I was usually in the middle of being an artist, but I think I’ve drawn with my father. I think I started drawing when I was about ten, I used to draw animals. They weren’t anything I had seen, but if I asked why I drew them they would tell me, “This is my art, and I don’t need it, so I like it”. That is just a stupid thing people do, and all your friends are doing that too.

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