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This has to be the key question for many people; can I just start drawing and improve as I practice, or is the skill level required to draw anything else something you need to learn?

The answer is, no, you don’t necessarily need to learn or master anything in order to improve your drawing. In fact, you can learn a lot by simply practicing. However, I’d definitely emphasize the importance of this question to your life and get you interested in the subject. It’s hard to become a great artist if you just try to do something, get good at it, then leave the practice up to chance. Get out there and practice. Find an art journal or get out there and draw.

Can I learn to draw by just seeing a photo for a few hours every day?

If you were to get out there in front of a computer or at an art book store to do this for a while (I’ve done this with great results), then maybe, but that would require your artistic training to become super-instrumentalist. However, most people need to focus only on the basics – learning how to read a sketchbook, knowing how to move a pencil. These are the skills you need to take your drawing skills to the next level, or your drawing skills will never progress.

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