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What do you learn in the process of refining your own style?

As I started drawing, I was just following the style of manga. Even though I was drawing things, I didn’t really make things look good at first. So after I started to draw, I wanted to learn how to draw a real anime style. That’s when I went to a manga book with lots of manga. I thought, “I don’t need this anymore, I’ll just turn it into a cartoon.”

In order to draw like you did in your manga, I went to an artists’ school that focused more on illustration than drawing. I didn’t like this place, but when I was with the others there was something that I liked in their drawing style.

A lot of artists are like that, but there came a point where I was thinking, “I don’t really like it, so what did I do wrong? How do I draw good cartoons?” At that point one of the other artists tried drawing comics at a school, and he tried to draw that way. So I went and enrolled in that school, which was the same school as this manga book. So after I graduated there, I started doing that.

From there I went to the same animation school. If you went to an animation school like this, you definitely want to draw anime.

What would you say is your strength as an artist? Why aren’t you more successful as an artist?

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I think I have the most talent as an illustration artist. Actually, my work has a lot more animation than it does drawing. I think those two things are linked. There are still people who think that drawing is only for drawing cartoons, but it’s not the only thing you do in an animation studio.

To me, drawing is about making something feel like something in the real world. That’s why I think animation helps me a lot. As an illustration artist I can say that I have a lot more talent as an artist than I do as an animator. My best talent lies in my work as an illustration artist. When I draw, the first thing that happens to me when I draw is, “Oh, that’s a drawing mistake.”

How do you explain the difference?

It’s hard to explain. I think it’s the same for every person with a similar talent. So if I would say to you, “I have a lot of talent as an animation artist,” I wouldn’t be able to

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