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It seems like a rather pointless endeavor given how few people are involved with doing that.
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I’ve always had this idea that I wanted to draw a very realistic drawing style; I always find it interesting to draw realistic drawings in both life and art. I was working on a story for several years (a series of books) and I was really trying to try to be a good artist, drawing things I personally found important and meaningful, but what I wasn’t doing was working on that style of photography that you look for to be authentic and real. So at that point in time, I found myself trying to develop a style that would allow me to draw and paint my own things without it feeling like all of the styles that I liked were being forced upon me! It was not until 2010’s Dreamtime that I really discovered the way drawing can be done in a manner that wasn’t simply about drawing. I had been drawing a little bit on and off, but I started a series of books in which I wanted to try drawing a lot of realistic things; books like How To Be A Better Artist and Painting My Face.

I really enjoyed the books a lot and found the process to be really interesting. It’s really just a lot of self-study and I’m really doing this at a stage in my life where I really wanted to get into self improvement, self-care, personal growth, and the like. This style can get quite messy at times, but that’s kind of the best part about what I do. I don’t want to be forced into doing this kind of artwork.

The book’s illustrations are pretty impressive looking, but I wanted to learn how the painting worked. So, you don’t paint with the same brush as you draw, but there are drawings of different strokes, or “colors” that you use to draw. What sort of colors are you using?

I try to use the brightest and most saturated colors that I can find in the real world. It’s a bit of a problem for me, because I’m usually less bright-skinned and tend to have more of an affinity for lighter colors than darker colors. With my skin pigmentation, I’m usually more inclined to look for the warmest colors that match my skin tone, since that’s what most colors are for. I can’t help it; I’m probably more inclined to go with darker colors than warm colors unless I really want my work to be cool-looking. At this point, I’m trying to find

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