How do you develop a drawing style? – Online Oil Painting Classes

Do your influences come from books or magazines you look at?

When I’m drawing, I don’t read anything at all. I’ve been collecting it for the past five years. This can change from month to month and year to year, but in the fall and winter, I really pick up art books at the library, especially for fashion, and in particular for magazines with trends. You need to find people who have a similar style to you. Then you’re just starting off. You find people like that in the beginning—they start out doing that, but they also like fashion magazines or fashion magazines with clothes or what-have-you; it just depends on what’s popular in the fashion world, what’s popular in people’s minds—the trend is changing. I like getting into other people’s styles.

How about film and photography?

I like a lot of stuff by the German master, Robert Frank. I also love a lot of other kinds of photography; I love color, because all this colour is so powerful on the drawings, but also because it allows you to see things differently, you see things, you can interpret things, and it’s very powerful to see things with different colors. I also like a lot of what Paul Cézanne writes.

It’s hard not to like a lot of his work, because so much of it is surreal, it’s kind of abstract…. But then, it’s also just so beautiful, how it makes me think and feel things. It’s so amazing. I feel like I’m in the same place, because it’s so different, but then they’re so beautiful. I like everything.

What about you and the people who have influenced your style?

People who have influenced my style are my friends. I have some friends who I can look up to. When I was younger, I was a big rock and roll fan, a fan that everyone really loved, and some of my friends were also rock and roll fans. I met them at a place that had a rock concert—a rock concert is a big event at the opera house in London; and it has one room, you can sit on the floor. Everybody could see everybody and everybody could dance around, and it was just the greatest. Then it just started taking over the whole place.

There was only one place, a cafe called The Blue Room—that’s where my family went for dinner after a long day, a huge, big dinner— and I

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