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Do you start with a clean white or black base, put all your elements together, then color with a wash like a dark brown or a dark purple, and then then add on details and colors as you go, and then do some hand painting the way I did before I started working with oils. My first painting was about a half year ago, it was a light green and then a few colors were added, I think the green and purple had more of a greenish tint to them than a purple.

This painting was done with a spray of wet wash paint. It’s a very natural looking oil paint wash, which is usually used for oil painting, and it dries very fast, so you can have a very natural looking oil painting, and then you add all your additional details later with the paint.

So you start out with the base color and then you add your details, either on top or inbetween those details and then the color changes to your liking. You can then go right into painting the swirl on this painting when its done, which is just a small splash of paint.

I wanted to make a small splash, I didn’t actually paint it too hard because you could have done this over night, so I was going for some kind of natural looking color. I’ll take you though some of my notes before you start.

First, the base color. This color is green, with a nice blueish tint and I think when you look at a painting of a painting like this, with all the layers of color you see and the details, it comes together quite nicely, and it makes it feel very natural, very natural and almost like a painting done by yourself, but if you wanted to paint a piece of furniture your own way that you might have painted and just added your own touches and embellishments.
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Next to this you want to have a warm and warm brown, almost a green but not really a true green, I think a true green should have a hint of brown to it, so it makes it really nice looking and you can have it look more like wood furniture. With this you’re going to paint more of the elements of the painting then all the details and you want to do this by hand, you can paint it yourself or you can hire someone to paint it for you, that’s up to you in what you decide!

You use very little water to paint this, if you want to add anything like a stain or something like that you’d

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