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I had the challenge of bringing my life story onto canvas. I knew this would be an epic project.

Do you draw on your own time?

I don’t draw much, but I do read a lot. My favorite book is The Complete Book of Self Portrait by William Shakespeare. This will be on sale for a limited time next Wednesday.

What is the most dangerous area in the world?

My home in Manhattan. It’s easy to escape, but not really. The last place I really did escape to was my mother’s bathroom a few months ago after a scary fight with an ex-boyfriend. I’m pretty sure I would’ve found myself in jail. I was actually the only one who didn’t break. I had a little bit of trouble with my back when I was younger and I didn’t do quite as many exercises, but my injuries were minimal and fortunately I was not that ill. After that fight, my life has gotten a lot more violent. My last few fights were really not worth it. I think I would get shot and killed.

What are your three favorite things?

I can’t really be specific. There are so many. A little food and entertainment might be in there, too. But most of all, my family and my life.

What’s the single best piece of advice you could give someone?

There are a million advice sites out there. I personally like to just start over with the best part of everything. Try your hardest to avoid doing anything rash. Make all your decisions in a way you enjoy and you will be happy. And of course, love yourself. Even when people are mean to you, it’s never as bad as saying that you could never go back.

Anything else you want to say?

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful holiday.

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