How do you start off a painting? – Online Art Lessons Kids

This was the first of many questions I wanted to answer for my painting, which was so far from the final product (which was my best-ever performance) that I had to be honest about my intentions. I knew I wanted to do something different to a lot of my work. I had also done several paintings before using a palette brush to represent abstract textures. At the time, I didn’t know how the palette brush could be interpreted. I was already painting in my head and I didn’t want to mess with it to try to find my own way.

When did you first start learning to paint on your own?

I started painting for the first time in 2009 when I moved from Norway to Canada. I didn’t know I’d have time to paint during the day, so my painting time was in the evenings and weekends. I have some experience in painting in oils, and then I went to the school that teaches them. I used oils until recently, but started using digital paints in my artwork about 5 years ago and it’s been wonderful.

When did you realize how powerful digital paint is over oils?

Before digital paints, it was very difficult to use them. I only did digital paints in the beginning because I wasn’t comfortable using oils, but I’m now very used to them.

What inspired you to explore digitally?

My friends have an online paint store here in Norway and they taught me digital painting online. In this way, I got the best of both worlds; I learned how digital paints work from people at the most respected painting schools in the world and I also could learn it from an English-speaking artist.

Do you use any brushes or paint types that have become essential to your style?

At the beginning, my first brushes I used oil. They were cheap and easy to use, but after doing too much with them I started using computer paints. I found digital versions of some of these brushes really helpful in giving me new ideas and being able to manipulate them.

What techniques do you prefer to work with when painting?

Sometimes I use a lot of brushes, especially on certain parts of a body. Other times, I like to concentrate on one area for a few minutes. I’m still trying to find out the best method. I really like the method of painting with only the brush I’m using. It makes me feel that I’m actually part of the painting process for a moment.

What is a typical day

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