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In the case of drawing, there’s always another question to be asked and that question is how long does it take to do it and how does one learn to do it. As we are talking about an ongoing process, this seems to be an important area to look into, but I think this is something quite specific to a learning process.

How do you learn to draw?

To understand why you should learn to draw, you have to consider a few issues. Firstly, the most important and important part of drawing are the muscle memory – we all have done this before. Without that experience, this technique would have been useless for you. What do you do if you’ve forgotten how to draw a horse, a cat, a banana and a human? It’s very difficult to teach these things as we are not used to them at all. If we do not have that experience (and we do!), we are more likely to make the same mistakes again than we would have in the first place. So, it’s not a matter of “if you have never drawn a human figure before, how many days or weeks will you need to learn?” It’s a matter of “how many days or weeks” will you need to do a full development of the skill, where you will see progress and improve over time.

Learning to Draw from Scratch

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The second important matter we have to answer is how do we gain experience on new tasks? We are only able to do it through experience. You learn a skill by doing it. I say this because of the fact that all our bodies are different. We learn as we age, we grow and in most cases, the muscles that have not developed enough to draw are already beginning to atrophy. As you begin to draw again, you will see these muscles start to develop. Once they start to, the development starts. It takes several weeks to complete one full development, but it is only when you see these steps happening and your knowledge of drawing becomes complete that you are able to draw properly.

How many days is it usually take to learn to draw?

Learning to draw isn’t just a matter of taking practice, it’s about a number of things:

Getting into the right mindset

Facing a challenge as often as possible

Protesting the skill

Seeing the benefit of the learning

Learning from the experience

So many things happen to you when you start drawing that you cannot know how long is it likely

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