Is art a talent or a skill? – How To Give A Drawing Lesson

[6:55pm] It is [6:55pm] the quality of words [6:55pm] What are the best things in life?

[6:56pm] Well, I have a life, and one is to enjoy writing. That’s not a life if the enjoyment is not part of it [6:56pm] yeah but it’s still just writing for me [6:56pm] it’s not an art.

[6:56pm] It’s art you know?

[6:56pm] * @Ouma nods, as if asking for a bit of explanation, and then says “yeah.” [6:57pm] no. I’m an artist.
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[6:57pm] Okay.

[6:57pm] but you don’t have that “the enjoyment is not part of it” thing.

[6:57pm] Sure. It makes a difference though I think. If you have some art you love, you’ll probably enjoy anything that happens or you’re involved with. You may be involved with it because of the enjoyment [6:57pm] That’s what I’m trying to explain here [6:59pm] As a writer, I think you can just like everything and put it in a page.

[6:59pm] no, of course I do not want to do that [6:59pm] I always want a good story.

[6:59pm] I do want to write, and if I don’t I just try again. A lot of it’s getting used, just like in a book.

[6:59pm] In fiction you don’t have to do that though [7:00pm] (I thought that was what you were asking me after the discussion, when you asked the question.)

[7:00pm] I want to be part of it with every story I write, it’s not like you’re going to work with me on your story and give

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