Is art a talent or a skill? – Online Art Classes For High School Credit

A talent is an innate ability that you can’t just discover. It’s a knowledge that exists outside of you. Skill, on the other hand, is anything you do on earth, on your own, as quickly as possible. It may be physical, or it may be mental, but it’s always a result of you trying. A skill is learned after hard work, and not simply by a lifetime of practicing it.

So do artists have some sort of innate talent?

There’s a big difference between the ability people have to see and hear as well as the ability to think and think without thinking. You can look at a painting or story and have no idea how it was done, or how it could be changed. However, most humans have at least an instinctual understanding of what an idea sounds like, how it sounds in context, and how it fits into the story. In a similar way, when you hear sounds you’ve heard hundreds upon thousands of times, you can tell when someone has a slight accent or is talking over themselves. Your own internal system tells you when someone is lying, telling you the truth, or just acting naturally, or at one point even, you have a strong instinct.

In this sense, there’s only one sort of skill a person can have as a creator. Creativity is what you do with ideas.

Are there any advantages of being a creator that you can use to your advantage?

Sure, definitely.

For example, someone who has a skill with music can use it to their advantage, as it’s usually a part of what you’ve done and you’ve invested time in, or have written a song based on, creating.

One person’s talent is another person’s curse, which may be why people like James Taylor have a bad reputation. Some people just don’t like people who have an innate talent like Taylor. So why is that?

Sometimes people find creativity to be difficult, even painful, because people have their talents. People who want to create have the capability to achieve it in a variety of different ways. People who are talented can create something for the first time that is entirely new and original with no precedent and not necessarily at their cost. It’s difficult to explain why it works, because it’s hard to articulate a good idea of what makes something ‘good’.

If people are unable to create something new, then why is creating something new difficult? Why is creating nothing original?


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