Is art a talent or a skill? – Online Drawing Classes For Kids

If art is an ability, then yes…

But if art is an ability, then maybe if your art looks nice, it is an ability, right?

Can art make me cry? If someone is crying for some reason, then yes…

Does art make you happy? If yes, then is art the best and if not, then how can you possibly know?

Can you feel good about your artwork when you read it? If yes, then what is the best type of artwork for that person?

Do you like your artwork or would you be upset if it got stolen? If yes, where’s the justice?

Can you trust your eyes to see what you think about the artwork? If yes, then where’s the safety?

Can you trust your mouth to spit out what is written? If yes…

then why have you never taken time out of your day to learn to read lips or mouth?

Can you trust your eyes, ears and nose to hear what you want to hear when there are so many distractions all at the same time? If yes… then what is the problem?

Is it because of how you feel that you can be completely honest with your peers but not others? If yes, then who is to blame?

Is it just you? What is the reason that you feel that way?

Can people see what you think about a work? If yes …

then where is the justice?

How are you going to be the best artist out there someday, when nobody can look up to you?

Why didn’t you learn some of these skills in school?

Is it because everyone told you that you couldn’t?

Why do you feel that you will never succeed when others think you are the best thing ever?

Can you love art but hate it, hate it and then love it again because that makes you happy? If yes, why?

Have you done all your homework on art because you are too lazy to learn a skill? If yes…

then what’s the point of having talent?

Why do you feel that you have to write your own words in order to be a talented artist? If yes… then why not teach yourself the words and then do them yourself with a teacher?

Isn’t it boring when you don’t do anything else? Why do you want to be a professional artist? If yes… then who’s to blame

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