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Well then, you have to put it inside, it will appear in any talent (I am talking about the skills not the talents as you might assume).
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“This may take a while.”

The amount of time needed for the skill to appear is very small, because one must wait until the skill level is not too high. The longer it will appear, the higher the skill level.

“I want to get more skills in the future!”

It is good to get new skills but it would be better to have more old skills in order to level them until they are strong and show their true strength. The more old skills you have you increase the chance of getting skills from it but it does not mean that you become stronger.

“It is not possible. It is impossible.”

It is impossible to get a skill from a skill point. The only way to get a “special” skill from a skill point is from something more specific.


What is the game?

In Black, you are a mysterious, ghostly, disembodied voice (of sorts) that whispers into the heads of the people you meet; making them jump and make fun of you. Then it stops altogether.

At the start of every chapter, the ghosts appear and are introduced. You play through the story, and the ghosts give you clues and hints in your quest that guide the way you go.

As you progress, the story changes from chapter to chapter, giving you plenty of new things to do and enemies to fight.

How do the ghosts work?

When you get to a chapter, you’ll meet a ghost who looks like a ghost (you may not know it’s a ghost, because they’re always one of a kind). The ghost will have various things they like (you’ll have to find out), and have an agenda of sorts (if you discover something wrong with the ghost or something they did, then they’ll be hostile towards you and leave you to it.).

As you progress, you’ll see other ghosts of different styles, shapes, and personalities. The more you find out, the more different types of ghosts you can encounter.

You’re constantly going back to the last place you were, and they will tell you what was going on.

At the end of every chapter, the boss is revealed.

What’s the idea behind the game?

We came up with the idea of this game after playing

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