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“Hans: What would you call me now?”


Hans-senpai had returned with his clothes on. To be exact, her body was in a maid uniform.


“Hans-senpai! That was bad, you know! You need to apologize to my beautiful and charming sister!”

Since she didn’t have any clothes on, Margo-san had to cover herself. So she had to hurry to the next room. But,
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“Hans-senpai! Hans-senpai! Look, you had a look at all the stuff we had at the house. It was not just clothes. There was things like this, you know? All of those things were for your sister’s wedding. Those were things for your dear sister. Hans, you need to pay more attention about these things!”

Hans-senpai didn’t understand. He didn’t get what Margo-san was saying.


“Margo-sama!! You do not have to give up! Don’t you have a boyfriend!?”


Even the most beautiful women could not find someone to marry. They needed all of the tools they had at their disposal. And Hans-senpai was looking at something in this store that wasn’t really for him. He was seeing a store full of things he had no right seeing or owning.

“You know, I never thought about something like this. You know. What I want to do right now is marry you, Hans-senpai.”


Hans-senpai had no idea what was being said.

“You have to give me one year.”


“And one time that you and me do anything together. Two years. Three years. I want you to live happily with me for the rest of your life, Hans-senpai. I want you to love me as much as you love the flowers in this flower garden.”

Hans-senpai could hear Margo-san’s voice from the hallway.

The only thought in his head was that he had no chance of getting married to an ugly, ugly woman. This was the problem he was facing.


Margo-san had to make sure they returned home before

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