Is it too late to learn to draw? – Online Art Lessons For Elementary Students

There is no time for regret, however it has become increasingly difficult to learn to draw. Even though we were educated with an eye on a career in professional drawing, the reality is that we have become so used to working with pictures we draw that we often miss the subtle nuances and details in the drawings themselves. In fact, some of such as the illustrations below can really mess with your mind and brain, but even then we learn to recognize when we are making a mistake and try to keep on with it. It is difficult to not overthink your art in this day and age and sometimes the best you can do is just admit you were wrong (I have been guilty of this in the past when drawing too much is a common practice). There is nothing wrong with a ‘good old fashion drawing’ I think, but it does not mean you can do that every time you do a draw.
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These are the types of mistakes that can lead artists to struggle and eventually, stop making good, professional work. There is no denying a good drawing is difficult and requires a lot of practice (you also need to be good at drawing in general – a lot of work and dedication will go into making good professional drawings), but I think we can all learn to recognize some of the things that cause us to struggle or drop the ball at some point.

I think the most important thing to remember is that learning to draw a subject is the start of a long process, not just a few simple lessons in a few pages. It is not like learning to swim. You do not need to understand all the motions in order to swim. All you need to understand is how the body moves and where the body is positioned in space.

You first need to learn to understand the anatomy of the body. Not only do you need to understand what muscles and tendons do, you need to be able to make correct anatomical calculations to work out what happens with each muscle and tendon. This is an important piece of knowledge that you must learn if you want to become a good artist. If you are drawing in your living room, you have a lot more control over your posture, the way you are leaning, where you sit, how you draw the arms, etc. You are not limited to just being able to hold a chair in your hand.

When you are a beginner, your eyes are likely to be too focused on the subject that you intend to draw, and it is a good idea to find a subject for you to draw from

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