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Welcome to the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Protection website. The EPA has a state law enforcement agency that is also tasked with administering the clean air, clean water, and air quality laws. While these are the primary missions, the EPA is also responsible for regulating the operation of motor vehicles, food production, agricultural and non-agricultural industries/commercial activities, and the safety of people and property.

All of this activity is overseen by a separate division that is under the authority and control of the Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection. Each enforcement activity is described below.
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DOT Rules and Regulations

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is committed to protecting the public from the risk posed by pollution from motor vehicles and other motor vehicles. By operating under the DEP’s rules, the department can issue enforcement action notices requiring parties to cease, cease and desist activities that are, or may reasonably be expected to be, an unreasonable risk to public health or the environment.

DEP has the authority to take enforcement action against persons or entities that are, or that reasonably may reasonably be expected to be, causing, or likely to cause, substantial injury to vehicles, motor vehicles, their passengers or occupants, or to the surrounding area or environment.

The DEP can issue fines and penalties in connection with enforcement actions. The DEP also may authorize an authorized agent to issue a traffic citation to any person or organization that is, or may reasonably be expected to be, causing significant harm to vehicles, motor vehicles, their passengers or occupants, or to the surrounding area or environment.

For those drivers who find themselves in violation of the EPA’s rule, the following information can be found from the DOT website regarding a civil penalty assessed to violators of the federal air pollution law – The National Primary Highway Pollution Rule (NIHPA). This rule governs the operation of motor vehicles, including motorcycles, other motor vehicles and aircraft, which produce or discharge the greatest amount of particulate matter or ozone in a year at or above the federal air quality standards set forth in the Air Resources Association (ARA), Particulate Matter (PM) Standards and Standards of Operation, adopted by the EPA’s Council on Air Quality (CAQ). NIHPA regulates motor vehicles and motor vehicle noise emissions.

Motorists who own, operate, park or repair motor vehicles (motor homes) within 10 feet of another type of motor vehicle may face fines up to $1,000 for not following proper traffic control signals or

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