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The answer is not really hard, as long as you like the basics and know how to draw with the pencil and paper, which is about the same skill level as the ones I learn in the classroom.

The main benefit of learning to draw, apart from improved visual memory, is the development of your fine motor skills and of your visual perception skills in general.

With the help of a pencil and paper (not in real life anyway!), you just need to focus on drawing a path and drawing a figure on the paper. When you learn to draw very fast and can use your imagination really well – just as you do on computer screens – you are going to be able to enjoy drawing in any medium, including paintings, sculptures, sketches and drawings.

In addition to this – the more you draw (or paint) the more difficult it is to concentrate on one thing. When you paint with your mouth, it is really easy to concentrate on the details, which is really hard with your eyes.

So, if you are ready to move to making your way in drawing (even without a pencil and paper), try a few times to make a path through the space and follow as much as you can all around the space. Then you will be able to learn some basic rules which will allow you not only to draw a straight path (without losing sight of the details) but also to follow the path with your eyes.

A good way to learn to draw is through practice – without using a pencil and paper!

When your eyes see clearly and the lines make a logical progression, you just have to concentrate not only on the movements, but also on how they are created (how they are placed) and how they are moving between the lines. So, it is extremely simple and easy to work on drawing, as long as you are practicing regularly.

By adding more detail – as you need to do to achieve the correct balance between moving the lines and being able to follow it (or vice versa) – you will slowly develop your artistic abilities and learn to concentrate more on the art as well as on the process of drawing and making it.

I always have to add more detail to a drawing, as I don’t get the best results with the pencil and paper, although I also try to do in real life. It’s not easy, I know, but it is possible!
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