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What is it about having a good pencil? Can you get a good pencil and pencil eraser? Are there certain tools or pencils that work better than others?

First off, the first time I ever got a good pencil, for the cost of a cup of tea it was an absolute revelation that I would have to get a good one. The first time I ever really got a pencil I was probably about six years old.

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I had just bought some pencils for an upcoming family Christmas gift that my mother just gave me. It was a little gift to help me remember to take my time to draw. Of course, I did that and I started seeing them all the time.

I think the reason why I never got a good pencil for almost twelve years is that I was never really allowed to play with any pencils at school. I would get to play with the pencils and I would be able to pick up the pencil that I was playing with and throw it or put it away with my back to the person. I never would ever pick up the pencil and put it in my back pocket, that was not allowed. I never would even look at it until years later when people would ask me to draw something, or if they knew I was drawing them and didn’t want to look at me.

Once I managed to get some of those “little white markers” I took them out of my pocket and started poking fun at how annoying that was! I could actually do that with all these markers in my pocket and they would go “pik!” and I would throw them aside in embarrassment.

Anyway, when I started learning to draw, I tried a pencil that was very very cheap at about five dollars, so I thought I had it figured out and I could get a better one than those cheap ones.

My teacher got a new pencil and asked me what I used it for. I was thinking I used it to draw on my drawings of “Bambi” and he said “You used this to draw pictures” and in my head I was like “Well I guess that is why you said it was fine.” But I have no idea what he was talking about.

When I was very young I tried “Tikiki”, which I really enjoyed and it was a pretty cheap pencil that would be used a lot. However, I always had the old pencils because I couldn’t afford the new ones and I guess I was always the one who had to pick

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