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When I started painting I found myself wanting to create and create as much as I could for my students. For me it was like a spiritual retreat. Once I got to that stage I found that I loved doing it. Since then I’ve never looked back.

What does your class do every day? What’s the most interesting activity that you teach?

I always have a session for a group of ten to twenty students. The class usually takes a couple of hours, I teach about an hour a day and it’s usually a lot of time for us to chat with each other, have our art talk and just have fun. I often go into the studio if I am having a very difficult day. During that period I will ask them how they are going along and give them some tips and answers to their questions. I like to see how people deal with situations and find out what helps them and what doesn’t. Sometimes I’m particularly interested in how the body and the mind handle a situation; I like to think they are always in battle.

What are some of your favorite techniques?

I teach a little about light and shadows at the beginning of the period. I don’t try to teach about anything in particular when I am going into that phase, mostly it’s just how to deal with it. I’m always interested in learning about people’s strengths and weaknesses, how their personality affects their way of seeing the world.

I think I learned a lot about myself because I saw how I was reacting to things, and that helped me to know myself a little bit better. When I was younger I didn’t have those experiences.

What do students say the most?

The students really respond well. Most of them are very happy with what they have learned, so they have a lot of fun and are grateful that I’m able to help.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

It’s the first time I ever taught art without a studio. The class is really very small and each student has to pay for the class. I’m really pleased with my skill as a teacher and how successful these are.

What lessons can you share with students about drawing?

A lot of artists need something to help them create. I just wanted to remind them to keep going and to not quit, and to give it 110% and draw something that they never thought they could.

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