Is painting easier than drawing? – Online Art History Courses For High School Students

In some ways, but I think we tend to treat each other differently when we are painting with paint. With pencils, we are not the creators. We are simply tools for our partner!

In the end, it is up to you and your partners creativity, which is what they are striving for when we are in the studio. We are talking about how our ideas develop, how our drawings come to life, how the two of us become creative together in different ways and in different styles and mediums.

Are they always right when their suggestions are “better”?

In general, yes, and it takes time to get it right and understand what is going on. At first your partner may disagree, or tell you that you are making an error. Sometimes we think that our partner is thinking the right, or the best, way to tell you to go to your next step, or that it is the more beautiful way, etc. But in practice, and it is usually not true, they are just wrong!

I have known others who tried to explain to the artist that the best way to tell you are painting too many or too many. They would say something about how they have been using your tool all by themselves so often, that they never really notice when you are not working in harmony when painting… they were wrong. We also think of the artist as something of a master, something that we are always learning from.

But what does this really mean? I like to think of them as my teachers. I like to think of them as people that help me get into the creative mode.

What is your “working method”?

We never paint until we arrive. This means that we often say, “We have no plan, we can work wherever I want.”

My husband says, “We are not always working together, we are always doing something.” Our studio is always open to different things and activities, we have different styles and different ways of putting my work out into the world. There is a huge variety of things we might do in the studio; you may find yourself sitting with us for hours on end, working on a particular subject or piece of artwork.

This can be fun and creative to play with and help us be more in tune with one another and our creativity and our personal style for art. Then for a couple of hours, we get in the zone, sit for hours, and then work it all out. We start to enjoy

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