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Does every time you put a colour on my face it get more interesting? Or is having a colour in the background more exciting? I want people to feel that I don’t look like a caricature. I try to convey a sense of humanness. For me that is most important at the moment.

“The fact that you’ve seen me in a lot of different poses, I’ve got a lot of fun with each one. I’ll make a figure, then just paint over it, just because I like to do what I do. When people come to see me on a panel, then I’ll always do a different pose so they know they have to check out my work for themselves. And I’ll make sure they’re looking for the face and not for the face in a mask.”

This is the same approach he took when he produced the first edition of his work for Marvel, which were widely acclaimed and well regarded. “What I wanted to do then was make something people would understand, and to have something to talk about. I went with ‘I’m in the place’ rather than ‘I’ve walked there’, because it was simpler to create a feeling in the mind of somebody: ‘You walk there and the place is here’. I felt that was the strongest feeling that could be conveyed, and also the simplest to create. It was something people would understand, and that was why it was good to put a little bit of humour into it so people would understand it.”
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When asked where his influences are, he admits he was inspired by the work of British illustrator, Frank Frazetta. “I’m very interested in the world of fantasy as a whole, in all these myths and legends that we tend to think of as being more real than the stories we live in. And even within fantasy, there are often things that are so fantastic that they’ve got to be real. With Frazetta, there is all that, and with Arthur Brown’s The Wanderer, there are the other myths that come to mind. When I look at Frazetta, I can see some of the things that have happened in this world in the past, like, ‘My grandfather was a magician in the Middle Ages’, and I try to incorporate that into my figures, if I can.”

After a long hiatus, the best podcast I’ve listened to over the last several years is The Story of Your Life With Joe Rogan. And, on a recent episode he offered listeners advice on how to find good, quality,

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