Is udemy a safe site? – Free Online Drawing Classes For Beginners

Yes, it is a safe site. However, in the event of an emergency, you are encouraged to consult the official site for additional safety information.

How long is it to post a comment?

You don’t have to post a comment for it to be recorded. However, if you don’t like one comment before the next, you can delete them before the next scheduled comment.

How do I know which comment I missed?

There is an “in action” page that will let you know which comments have been skipped and which have not.

Can I delete comments and still get notified of comments that have been skipped?

You can delete comments and still be notified about comments that have been skipped. Simply check out the “in action” page to see what comments are skipping.

What makes up the in action page?

We will not be posting posts without a comment request in them. However, since comments are tracked, we may know of comments that you have missed. This happens because the site is constantly running and we try to post more than one post during busy times.

Where do I keep my comments?

Comments are held up by a timer. If you see your timer has expired, your comment will not be posted on the site.

Do I need a password to post a comment on this site?

Your comment will never be removed from this site without your permission, although it is advised that you change your password periodically. There are numerous reasons why you might need to change that:

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