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I’ve been calling myself an artist for years but I never had a real name to refer to myself with or to reference other artists.

Was there an artist who inspired you to start recording?

I don’t know who inspired me. I always used to listen to other people’s records from the 50’s and 60’s and it all just got me into it. It was something I loved.

What is your favorite record that you’ve recorded?

I don’t have a favorite record. I would have to say Lament For Wax. I loved that record. And another record that really influenced me was probably the old records from the 60’s and 70’s by the Rolling Stones. These were songs that I heard as part of one of my college classes, and I had the opportunity to listen to those songs with my friends and other students, and I was really inspired by the way they did it.

Are there any artists from another generation that you aspire to emulate?

Yeah, probably. If they’re still around.

If someone approached you and you didn’t know them, who would you want to be like?

I used to be the same as my idols or role models growing up. I grew up with the same guys. My dad’s got the same voice as my dad, and that’s always been the case my whole life. I’ve always been the same way, so I would probably be like them.

So you really idolize that “T” you have?


The city of San Antonio’s City Planning and Zoning Commission will not seek any changes in the zoning changes for the South Side Plaza, including a rezoning, to prohibit a private developer from using high-rise housing at the site of the old Sears building at 801 West Market at Mission Parkway for at least 20 years, because it violated the intent of a previous zoning amendment.

Commissioners heard arguments in a hearing held last week, which focused primarily on the use of the city’s $8.8 million bond to pay for building the plaza, an increase of which had been expected to create hundreds of new homes. The project requires public funding, and that includes the $1.7 million in county assessments and fees each resident of the plaza would pay.

The developers of those homes are seeking to build on the land in the future; in 2012, the owners of Sears and nearby businesses were granted conditional use permit to start a housing development there,

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