What is the best free drawing app? – Art Course Kids Online

There are many tools that I use, here are the ones that I currently use:


Drawing tool: Quill

Can do the job of other apps I have tried out like Photoshop (because it has a better interface) and Sketch.

Easily copy and paste, I am using IK’s drawing tool to draw and paste from my Sketchbook.

Sketchbook. The best drawing app, I have not found a good enough alternative that is better in this category.


Can do many drawing skills that other apps aren’t capable of.

Paint tools (e.g. pen tool, eraser, crayon)

Drawing skills (e.g. fill, line, circle, cross).


Thrive Art School - YouTube

Drawing tools: Doodle, pen

The tutorials are all well written, detailed and easy to follow.

Mood Board

Doodles and other techniques

The tutorials are simple, easy to follow, the video is worth the few minutes it takes to watch it, because it’s clear why it works.

Drawing App

Here’s my favorite 3 apps, but they’re not my favorite apps that I used;


Drawing tool: Note

Can do all the drawing tools and draw with pencil.

It’s better than Picasa where you can draw with a pen.

Drawing tutorials are simple and explainable.


Drawing tools: Carp

Can do the work for other apps I’ve tried. Carpal is better than Picasa, which is one of the few apps I have tried.

Drawing tutorials are easy, well written and easy to follow.


Sketchbook: Drawing tools, drawing tutorials, and more.

Here’s some of the great tutorials I’ve seen for drawing;

I think that if you use the three apps above, you will be amazed at the results.

Can’t wait to try one of these apps (because you can)

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