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Hip-hop’s most famous group of musicians, the NWA — one of the best and most influential rappers of all time — is at it again.

At least, for a couple of days.

On Friday, NWA’s longtime manager, Gary Hoey, was shot and killed outside of his Beverly Hills condominium, TMZ reported.

The shooting happened just two miles from NWA’s West Hollywood office, where a day earlier a bullet pierced the window of a car. It also occurred right around the same time that an NWA DJ was gunned down in Chicago.

Hoey, 53, is remembered as a “family man” who had a son with wife Cindy, and a daughter, Mavis — daughter of NWA’s longtime manager, Gary Hoey Jr. who also managed his sister and fellow group member N.A. — and a grandson with the late Ice Cube.

The LAPD confirmed to TMZ Friday morning that an officer fatally shot both men — Kevin “Dr. Dre” Williams and John “Kool G Rap” Diggs — around 3 a.m. Thursday at the Los Feliz Park Apartments.

According to police, the shootings are connected, and the NWA crew knew that the shooting occurred. “The shooting is unprovoked and the suspects in this shooting remain at large,” said LAPD Spokesman, Albert Morales.

This is the second time in the last few months that Hoey has been accused of murder. The Los Angeles Times claimed that in 2002, one of Hoey’s former girlfriends committed suicide in connection with an argument with Hoey.

Hoey and the NWA crew have been on the outs for the past few months. In October, a source told the Los Angeles Times that the group had filed for divorce.

But Hoey has been making plans to be home in California — this weekend he was to attend rapper Drake’s birthday party. It was not yet known if he is still in Los Angeles when this news hits.

The New York Red Bulls defeated Atlanta United 4-1 in the Eastern Conference semifinals, scoring three goals on two different

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