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It’s the same question that I ask any teacher. The answer depends on the individual and the topic, but I do believe that the most important thing is to study how everything in the world appears to us. Once you understand that, you learn how to draw.

Here is an easy way to know it is time to learn to draw. In a small box in your drawing workroom, place a pen. On the bottom of the box you will see a small number 0 on the drawing paper. This number indicates how many days and nights have passed since your last practice session. If you keep a running average, you can draw a graph of your time in each drawing.

Here are two graphs you can use for comparison. The first graph was made using drawings from a recent practice session. The second is a graph that has been drawn using drawing I’ve made since my freshman year of college!

If you keep a running average, you will notice that my time is clearly not the same across time.

For the graph above, take a good look at the first number (0) and the second (4) on the bottom.

The first number represents the last practice session and the second, the last drawing from you. For me, as we saw above, it is the second number (2) that is different.

It is probably for this reason that I feel the need to write the number 0 on the top of the graph and the number 3 (4) on the bottom. Why? You’re probably wondering why I am mentioning 2 and 0 in my graph. The reason for the differences is that I want each of the numbers to be different across time. I want you to notice your own experiences and compare them to your past.
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You should notice that your daily drawing averages will not be the same across time. You can see this because every day on the chart (blue) is the same as every day on the drawing I’ve made since college.

You do NOT necessarily have to draw this way, but I find that the more consistent you are, the easier learning to draw becomes. So, how do you practice drawing? By drawing in a specific manner. Try to think in one of the following methods. I will assume the reader understands these as well.

Practice the entire alphabet

This is a very good way to practice drawing and will not take long at all. Start with the alphabet. This is easy to learn and will help you learn to

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