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If you’re like us, then there is no way you can learn to draw without the help of your instructor. We have worked with hundreds of teachers across the country in an attempt to ensure that everyone can learn to draw in the way they want to.

We recommend you begin with video lessons where you can ask your instructor basic questions, such as how long it takes to draw a single line or how it is possible for someone to take four steps for every one step they take in real life.

Once you’ve gained enough confidence, then it is up to you to find a local school for instruction.

Where can I learn how to draw?

The largest collection of online instruction is offered by Artisan Comics in Chicago. You can access this site by entering your zip code at http://artisancomics.com/ and clicking on the “Find Artisan Comics” tab. You can also reach us by email or Skype.

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Quick Walkthrough [ edit ]

Search the ruins of Kord of the Blades. Rescue the missing mages. Find Malin’s Dagger. Save the captured mages. Return to Kord of the Blades.

Detailed Walkthrough [ edit ]

As it stands, Kord has already kidnapped the mages, and you will have to save the Mages’ Guild members if you want to continue. While at the College of Winterhold, you will find a group of guards, several students, and a guard with a bow, but very little armor or weaponry. With their lives at stake, you must enter the castle and discover the trap: a small room made for prisoners. A short way down, you’ll find you will most likely be captured by Kord, and he will be waiting for you. Be sure to save the students if you want to stop him from rescuing the mages. Now that you have the necessary pieces of evidence, follow Kord in and open the door.

The Trap [ edit ]

A small room containing several doors with a key to the bottom. A locked door to the right leads to a room with multiple skeletons. Use the key on the skeleton to open the room and fight your way to the opposite wall. Once the door is open, use the key to open it. You can now search the room and take the following items:

Malin’s Dagger [ edit ]

You can take the dagger, but you may also

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