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It is the best way to learn that you will never end up in a job that is not your passion.

If you would like to learn more about the art of drawing, feel free to stop by the Drawing section of their website, where your questions might be answered.

The first of a planned 12 new restaurants to open under the new food hall will open next Monday, according to the restaurant’s co-owners.

“The plan is to open the new East Coast Food Hall within 60 days,” the co-owners, Tony and Pam McAndrews, said in an email. “This will be the first food hall built in the United States, and we think they nailed it.”

As for prices, the McAndrews want $20 for a lunch meal; $35 for a dinner meal. The first McAndrews will open with seven locations spread around the food hall’s 17 locations at five sites.

“We are the only owners in the world that own at least five food halls,” Tony McAndrews said.

It is the first new food hall since the West Coast Food Museum in Westwood Village opened in 2003, he said. The food hall will have about 100,000 square feet for customers to eat at, including two bars, a sushi bar and barbeque, said Steve Schaffer, senior vice president.

The other new McAndrews restaurant will open in New Bedford, Mass., Schaffer said. There are plans, however, for a third new restaurant in the food hall’s Boston footprint. It is unknown if anyone will be opening that restaurant in Boston.

In a statement, East Coast Food Hall said that “in just four years, the McAndrews have developed East Coast Food Hall as the premier destination for fresh local, seasonal and regional produce.”

The McAndrews purchased the property and the former McAndrews Grocery and Grocery at the corner of East and First streets in the early 1990s, they said. They opened the East Coast Food Hall along with partners, Tony and Pam McAndrews and their sister, Kim McAndrews, in 1997.

With the addition of the food hall, the McAndrews have six restaurants, including three in the United States, as well as four locations in the Netherlands, Turkey and Germany.

How does a guy with this much talent become an NFL running back?

Last year, the Detroit Lions selected Joe McKnight with the 53rd overall pick, then traded

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