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The quickest way to get certified is with a certificate. To qualify, all you need to do is to take a test. You’ll need a minimum grade of C or B in at least 18 different subjects that use the English language or a similar language.

Are there additional costs for the online certificate?

No. The online certificate cost $49.99 and the test $99.99.

I recently saw a picture on reddit of a beautiful woman dressed in black and with a black hoodie on. It caught my attention because I think most people have some sort of dark side. I’d never seen anything like that before! I mean, the guy was on a motorcycle and the girl was in full ninja costume, and she also had a mask on her head, so I thought…why not? I mean, I don’t think that I’d ever want to try something like that, not out of self-defense, but just because…

I was still nervous about it so I decided to wear a hoodie instead! I have about 5 pairs of grey hoodies, so as I was deciding what to wear I had to ask my gifter for the best hoodie for me! They really seemed confident in saying that they’d get me as many as they could, and since my gifter knows me, it was the perfect pick! (A lot of the gifter’s pictures can be seen here as well!)

Now that I’ve put my mind at ease about that, I still had a few questions. For one, what sort of hoodie is this? Should I wear it to work? I think it would look great in my hoodie if I wore it for work, right? And what sort of ninja outfit would this be? That last question was what really intrigued me because it was the sort of ninja outfit that I’m so familiar with. And the other thing that puzzled me was how I should dress, in terms of body and costume, to get it, and what would be the most “ninja-like” way to do it.

So, I did a little internet research on my preferences and this is what I found:

And in terms of body type, a medium-sized body, athletic build:

And not to mention my ninja ninja outfit, which I’ll include in a second. It’s got a katana (not a sword) on my back and has a black katana hanging down my back, that is also on

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