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The most dangerous thing about the American Right is what it has produced.

Donald Trump can be counted on to lie about almost anything as long as it isn’t a big, fat lie. He’s known for it. But the most dangerous thing about his lying — the most dangerous thing he has ever done in his life — is that its only purpose is to silence political dissent. And every now and then it does. It does so not only the way he does everything else, but also in spite of it. He does it every time he makes a policy or acts in a way that exposes his true colors. It is the Trump-induced silence that has made Donald the “man” he is today.

Let’s imagine Trump’s behavior as a “man” had it not been for the Trump-induced silence.

He could have been elected president. He could have made good on his promise to deport undocumented immigrants.

He could have had the Senate confirm a conservative Justice Department to replace Antonin Scalia and the House to repeal Obamacare.

He could have done it through the normal democratic process.

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But he didn’t. He ran on his “Make America Great Again” message because it made him great.

And once he had the party’s nomination, his “man” character had to go. His only opportunity would be the convention floor if he ran against Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio. A Trump loss would end his quest for the nomination and his “man” campaign would just be an empty shell.

Let’s be honest. Trump may have been elected president, but the people who voted him into office are still just as crazy as he was at the time. We can still be certain Trump’s anti-PC rhetoric, which began in New Hampshire, will not end with the nominating convention. I don’t know if anyone outside the Trump camp had expected him to lose the primaries at this time as opposed to in New Hampshire.

But he did. His own base of supporters didn’t take what he actually offered — but they did take what he tried to tell them. And he failed.

He had a chance in Cleveland, and he blew it.

This is not an accusation. It is a report. A piece of evidence. The facts are on

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