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What are your weaknesses? How do you hide them?

What do you want to achieve?

Do you plan on working as a painter in the near future? Any other advice you’d like to share?

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The United States’ national security agencies are currently examining the possibility of sending some of their highly classified programs to the private sector in the hope, according to a senior U.S. official, of getting an overhaul to a number of programs with a potential “very large” payoff.

The officials, speaking ahead of a meeting today in Washington between Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and members of Congress, declined to elaborate on what they described as “a very serious situation” in which the National Security Agency may be considering moving some of its core programs toward the private sector.

“This is an assessment, not an announcement,” the officials said.

The officials would not comment on whether they were referring to a possible reorganization of the NSA, or a restructuring of key elements of the U.S. military’s intelligence community, which has been criticized for its lack of oversight.

While they are looking at the idea, the officials were more skeptical that the government would be able to do what the NSA wants through a private firm.

“The reason why we are here today is because our nation and our nation’s national security have been attacked, there has been a threat that has to be taken seriously,” said Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., who attended the closed-door meeting. “What will really ensure that threats do not come to our country to attack our citizens, to attack our allies and partners, is for Congress to be able to oversee these programs.”

U.S. intelligence agencies have been conducting an aggressive review of their computer networks for years, especially in light of revelations that the N.S.A. is collecting vast amounts of personal email and data on both foreigners and Americans.

As Snowden’s leaks have continued throughout the past year, the NSA continues to conduct internal reviews, with the approval of the senior U.S. national security staff, of each of the agency’s activities. The review is still ongoing, but the officials said it is expected to conclude soon.

The officials, however, said that the reviews of the government’s major

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