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-A. If you don’t know what Krylon is, then it wouldn’t hurt to ask me a question about it if you had any question. (The paint used on this table top is, yes, Krylon’s “Rustoleum” paint. Its a great quality paint that doesn’t come cheap. I am the ONLY one I know that uses it.) So the first thing you would do would be to wash the surface of the base with detergent first to get rid of the old dirt that would be in the way. Next, take a clean rag, wipe the entire surface with the damp rag, then use a soft cloth (I used a tissue!) to scrub the surface clean. Don’t scrub too hard or you’ll just end up scraping paint with the soft cloth. Try to get as much of the original paint off the surfaces as possible. Once you’ve been in and wiped off all of it you should be able to get a very good paint. After you’re satisfied with your surface, you can apply the Rustoleum paint. You can have it paint up or down the sides using whatever you like. Just be careful not to use a large can — there’s a limited amount of paint on the sides and top of the table top. Let the paint dry, then put the side pieces back together. They might be a little crooked at this point, but that’s ok, just use a pair of tweezers to straighten them out. You may need to paint on more Rustoleum during this process for those little bumps just above your table tops. It’s normal and you’ll just have to make doing the job a bit trickier at first. And if your table tops are pretty darn large, you may need to do this again and again. Once you have your Rustoleum paint on, you can let it set for about 24 to 48 hours before painting it again. After you’ve let that set it the first time, you can add the second coat. This time you should not apply any additional detergents other than water to the surface, and the paint should be thoroughly dry before continuing. The reason you want to repeat this process so often and for such a long time is to ensure that you get a nice coat of rustoleum paint on the bottom of every surface. It’s not perfect, but it keeps the rustoleum paint from scratching your table top. You will see some little pits on some of the more exposed surfaces if you don’t apply a little bit of pressure
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