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If so, is it a problem with drinking water or lead pipes? Or is it just common household dust?

It’s true that there are traces of lead left in our homes and even in the water we drink (which is why lead levels are so highest in the blood of children). Lead can stay in the environment for hundreds of years, often with levels that are high enough to be a hazard to human health.

There should be no danger from lead in the environment, no matter how it is ingested or inhaled. Lead can only be absorbed from the top side of your nose into the deep layers of your skin.

If you are drinking the water, the levels of lead are lower than where you are because it comes out of pipes, pipes and other sources. This has been found to be the case with all types of tap water.

Many homeowners take the lead-free water option, including the bottled water industry. This type of water cannot be contaminated, because it is usually filtered and bottled by a certified certified water processing facility.

Most of us also have regular flushing toilets and shower stalls, so lead can be washed down the drain. You do not have to worry about lead being absorbed through the floor tiles and into drains or pipes.

So are lead paint fumes dangerous? If you can smell lead, you can be at risk for lead poisoning. Lead is found in a variety of different environmental sources, which makes it hard to detect exactly where lead is.

Some sources, including air and paint, are the most likely to contain lead, even though they may be a mile away from your home (for example, lead paint in paintball fields tends to be much higher in concentrations of lead than lead found deep inside a homes’ basement). If you feel any odor in your home, check your pipes. If you find the smell of paint and/or lead paint (or both) in your pipes it’s a safe bet some or all of your lead is in your plumbing.
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Is lead in paint poisonous? Lead, copper and zinc are found in the paint of many types of walls and floors. Many homes have high enough concentrations of lead in the surfaces that lead is a problem. Unfortunately, high levels of lead paint can harm people if they breathe it in, but it is still very unlikely that exposure over a relatively short period of time would result in poisoning. Lead does not have any toxic effect on humans. (Although research studies still have to be done, it

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