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For the sake of this post, I will use a single layer of paint by Waterford Color. I chose this color because it’s widely available, and I was looking for something different. I have to admit, my initial reaction to using it was “Ohhhh this is weird.”
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What’s a Waterford paint do, why I like it?

The good thing about Waterford is that the color it uses is pretty broad. The downside is that each one is a bit too similar to one another. I want each piece to be unique. So when you pick a color it’s just a matter of finding different shades that compliment my body type and personality better.

Here’s what I used to create these spray cans. I had to order a variety and use the same exact paint to get a nice color palette, but overall it’s not too hard to do.

It takes about 30 minutes to start spraying a single piece of spray paint. By the end of the process I had a variety I liked: green, yellow, orange, blue and a couple others. That’s plenty for me. My only criticism is that it looks cheap with the spray cans I already had.

For those who have an inkjet printer, try cutting out the stencil image and making it larger than the size of the spray cans. I’m working on some projects where the cans get huge, and I really want to avoid using the same paint so I need to be sure not to go overboard.

Here’s a screenshot of it being cut and printed. I’ve scaled back the font sizes if you’ve gotten tired of small sizes.

Now, the hardest part is spraying the spray cans. I recommend setting your spray nozzle between two inches and two inches from the surface of the spray cans since there’s no way to do it properly with normal spray hoses. I don’t recommend trying to keep your spray hoses out of the way while you are spray painting, or trying to hit one side of your spray cans with the nozzle and other side with a handhold or a paintbrush. The spray hoses must come right up to the air bubble. This can be a little risky for paint and water, especially for people with poor eye eyesight. If you’re using an inkjet printer with a large screen with a high resolution, you should be able to see all the bubbles.

If you’re having trouble with your nozzle getting wet, use a wetbrush to push it into the

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