How do you spray paint fine lines? – Cool Spray Paint Art Paper

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Paints work by dispersing an invisible paint on a flat surface. This image shows a very fine line to be sprayed. The paint that is on the flat surface is on the thin side so that less of it will touch the paper. The thicker the brush strokes are, the better the results.

Where can I find the best brush for this task?

If you are using the correct style from the catalog, you must have very precise control over the type of brush strokes – for example, you cannot mix and match type of brush. You should purchase the correct size brush by color or style. The more control you have, the better.

When should the paint not be used?

If you are painting with a brush that is too big or too loose you are compromising your paint control and will end up using a paint that is too thin or too thick. You should select a smaller brush that has good control if you are going to move the color into the lines.

You should not have to worry about the quality of the paint you have chosen as long as you have control of the way you use it. If you select a brush that is not as lightweight as you need it be, you risk painting the wrong way.

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