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It comes as a single product called Krylon Super Matte Paints, which is available in two varieties: Super Matte or Super Gloss. Super Matte is a light, transparent, matte version of Super Matte Paints that comes in a convenient 16.5 ounce size. Super Gloss is a darker, glossy model that comes in a 48 ounce size. These are great solutions for many applications, including:



Screws, Washers, Nuts, Insulators, Screws with Retaining Rings, Screws with Milled Cement Rings, Screws with Solid Cement Rings


Air Brake Systems

The Krylon product family is designed to be used as both a paint and a high gloss finish. It is not as heavy as traditional primer and can be used in many different ways, including:



High Gloss Finish

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Super Matte Paints

Super Gloss Paints are available in two popular variants: Super Matte and Super Gloss. The Super Gloss model contains a thinner, denser formula that provides a more natural-looking finish. Super Matte Paints are available in a 48 ounces size.

Which brands use Krylon?

All Krylon paints are available in retail stores and online through authorized Krylon locations. Krylon’s products are available through several distributors or other retailers, but the majority of Krylon paints are available directly from Krylon.

If you’ve purchased paint from a company listed as using Krylon, contact them to find out which brand they sold you.

How do I check the label?

There are two ways to check the paint’s accuracy. You can use paint tests to see how it reacts to different concentrations of paint or you can use a test kit to compare a variety of paints side-by-side. Some manufacturers require test kits in order to provide feedback on the paints performance.

Do Krylon paints require a test kit?

No. All Krylon-based paints are tested and approved by the FDA and are safe and colorfast.

How do I return a used Krylon product?

There are no returns on Krylon paint products. However, if you want to return a used Krylon paint kit or formula, you can contact the local retailer where you bought them.

Can Krylon paint still be made?

Yes. Krylon formulas are available for re-pur

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