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I spray painted this with a Krylon paint in combination with a Krylon spray, and this way I got an even better coverage. I used a Krylon primer which does not need to be used, as it dries very fast but still gives a good coverage. I don’t spray the entire project! I used a very low coverage with paint, as I still needed a good coverage, and then I just let it dry all day to make sure everything was dry. It took me a couple of hours to do the whole painting and applying the paint. For my final coats I just spray painted and let it dry for a little bit. It is very hard to come with a product to give a good coverage with such a fast drying time, so I used a Krylon gloss clear for the most part of the project, then applied a final coat of clear and let it dry for a few hours.

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Do you use any sort of primer for your wall?

No, I don’t use primer in my projects. I just spray them with Krylon gloss and let the dry, then I have a matte finish, which is the most professional look for my home. I like the matte finish better, but it’s not as detailed as the spray paint looks like it is painted, so sometimes I get those tiny scratches.

Where do you buy Krylon?

Mostly from Walgreens; I bought this paint at a walmart. This is the cheapest and best place to buy this paint.

What are some tips for beginners on using Krylon spray paint?

This is very difficult because as you can see I use three different coatings, the first coat has light gloss, then I paint it with a thin layer of clear and then I spray with a very thin layer of matte clear coat. This means I have to add the clear a few days before the first layer is actually done for any detail. So it’s very tough to get a good coverage because of the time it takes. I don’t know how you would handle this, but I’m sure there are other people using it the same way.

I think my favorite thing to start with is this: “Start small” because a small step like starting at your wall and looking down on what you can see and then going over your wall. That will help you a lot. Then move up a step every time you have a question about the finish. Don’t rush and always do a test. Then, slowly

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