Is Krylon better than rustoleum? – Super Cool Spray Paint Art Paper

This is a question that many of us have wondered for years:

If it’s a true non-stainless non-fiber, why do folks say that Krylon is better than rustoleum?

It’s a simple question—because different people answer to it. (I’m referring here to the people who use Krylon for non-stainless fiber and non-fiber paints.) There isn’t necessarily a single, easy to answer answer and every answer I’ve come across leaves me scratching my head.

For instance, some folks insist that if one paints with a non-Krylon non-fiber, the surface is less shiny, that it’s less resistant to fading and cracking, and that the spray paint itself is weaker. While these statements may be true, they’ve also been shown to be incorrect.

Consider this scenario: If you have a very thin layer of Krylon non-fiber on your painting, where does it go? How does it move? Does it move away from the basecoat as opposed to spreading around it? Do you have to reapply it?

No good answer to these questions has ever been given and I have had a few people comment to me asking me if Krylon is better than other non-Krylon paints out in the hobby and even a few who have asked if it’s better than other rustoleum paints. For the record, I think the answer is: No and it depends on the use that is being described and how much use the paint is being put through.

Is there a reason to even be testing out non-Krylon paints?

One of the major factors that can influence how a paint is used, whether that’s by a painter or a technician, is “look” factor. Look factor means the way any paint looks in a photograph. It also takes some of the guess work out of whether to put one’s painting through a machine or hand wash it. If some of the pictures you see online are not in the desired appearance of the paint, what does the paint do? Does it even have an effect on appearance when applied to a mirror?

Krylon paint, when applied with its light “shining” effect, is probably one of the best looking of all non-Krylon paints. But when compared to some non-Krylon paints, such as Rustoleum (which has very noticeable, low shine effects), it’s no

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