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This is a really interesting one with the new high performance “viscose” spray paint acrylics (Liquitex) used by The Sims 3 to simulate paint in the game. This paint is so strong that Liquitex’s water based paint can be diluted. There are many benefits to using Liquitex spray paint acrylics in the game. Like other paints Liquitex is known for. We have already shown some ways to cleanse, condition, paint and simulate objects in the game. We have also included pictures from some examples we created with Liquitex spray paint acrylics in the game. Let’s get on to the Liquitex “Viscose” spray paint acrylics! What are they? They are available in 10mL, 50mL and 500mL sizes. The 10mL is used for cleaning up spilled paint when it hits the ground where a Sim might not be able to step on it. They can be used to restore and restore the appearance of clean up spills. As the viscoses get stronger, so much more strong! The 50mL “viscose” is like the 20% solution in the “Super White” vial. There are a few different variations on the 50mL viscose. Some are just a slightly smaller size 10mL bottle. The 50mL viscose is so strong it can even be diluted for smaller areas. The 500mL and 1000mL sizes do not have the same strength for this product. There are very few 500mL sizes that are so strong you can apply them without damaging the paint. The 5000mL and 1000mL sizes are the heaviest weight of the 1000mL. The bottles are not as thick as the bottles used in the Super White vials, but they would be strong enough to even the strongest paint. How strong is Liquitex’s viscose spray paint? We are not sure and we are not sure how much more stronger Liquitex’s viscose spray paint will be compared to the higher strength Super White vial. We have only used the viscose 10mL bottles to clean up a few small areas in the game. The Super White vial is strong enough to cover a large area in one application. What are the advantages of Liquitex’s “Viscose” spray paint products? We have shown several possibilities. The most obvious is to use in the “Liquinex Super White” dispenser spray painting bottles. You simply press a few of the bottle caps to get the spray paint you want
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