Is rustoleum a paint? – How To Make A Moon With Spray Paint

In the UK: Rustoleum paints are mostly formulated as a spray can based on rust, as mentioned, they use synthetic paints and varnish, and are applied with a brush. The colours are a mix of orange, yellow, blue, purple, green, bronze, and black based on the colour range of your chosen model.

In the US / Canada, Rustoleum paints are a lot more diluted and are generally used to make clear coat. They contain more water-based colours for a more glossy finish, and are normally applied using a brush. A large number of paint suppliers and websites sell rustoleum to the US market including:

A few brands of paint, including W.D. Curtis (who makes a great rustoleum primer), will be available for purchase from Amazon and some online retailers.

How did I get Rustoleum?

My Rustoleum painting tutorial, including the use of brushes.

For those of you that want to know, it’s a simple process:

Add the Rustoleum to an aerosol dispenser and spray on the paint. Add the Rustoleum to a clean sheet of paper. Using a wet sponge, apply on your model. After it’s dried (don’t worry, it’s wet), paint the model with Rustoleum.

There are more guides to Rustoleum out there on YouTube, with a ton of video tutorials.

But why rustoleum?

There are two main reasons why Rustoleum was designed:

To provide a much more glossy surface to your models.

To make the surface easier to sand off.

If you look at my Rustoleum tutorial, you’ll see how I apply the paints.

It’s possible to use Rustoleum in two stages before painting, which would improve how a model may be painted.

The first is a spray can, which is great for spraying on a big number of different colours.

The second is a dry brush, which is great for applying a lot of colour over a large area to a large level and to a small area to a small level:

This allows you to make very large areas of your model dry, whilst being able to use smaller parts to be painted over in the following stages.

But it’s not as simple as that:

After you’ve applied the Rustoleum and you’ve used a wet brush to apply the paint,

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