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The idea of a rustoleum primer came about a little bit after I started experimenting with a technique for keeping rust off my furniture.

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Before I get into the details, let me stress that what you see here is what they say as of 2010. When I started, if you look closely, you’ll see that they refer to a primer as a “mixture of two substances”—coated or “greased” or “sealed”.

I used to call it a “paint” but that is less accurate. Since the first day I built rust-free wood, I decided that it wouldn’t be fair to call it a “mixture of two substances”, since I wasn’t using any paint (yet). (Now, that seems to be my approach to a lot of things.)

I eventually came to the conclusion that it makes a bit more sense to use the term “paint” for the type of product I wanted and just call it a primer by itself. Since a lot of folks refer to it as a “mixture of two substances”, I just call it a primer.

So the first two steps are to get the right type of primer. You can start with one if you’d like, or you can get more sophisticated as you build. But you’ll also want to do some research on which kind of primer works best for your application, so don’t be afraid to ask! (Yes, your local home improvement store might carry “Rustoleum” or “Rustoleum Perfecter” or something similar, but as I noted above, I think it’s all but a sure bet that what they sell was made using inferior products.)

How do you get the right type of primer? The two most important factors for proper primer application are the thickness of the material (how thick will it get) and the type and thickness of the finish you’re painting.

You’ll generally find that a more dense type of primer will paint the wood more easily and effectively. This is particularly helpful during finishing projects, when finishing an otherwise smooth surface such as a cabinet or a hardwood floor will take a LOT of finishing spray. Conversely, if you get any sort of primer that is thicker than about 1/8″, you’ll likely end up with very hard coats on the wood during finishing because it won’t be able to hold the spray properly. (Note: I’ve actually seen better results with more typical products such as “Super-Density” and ”

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